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Randy Schwartz

Product Engineering

Years of experience using SPC, micro-processing programming, AutoCAD, management skills, CNC programing, and tooling expert.

Randy has spent the last 40 years working in the connector industry in various positions. Starting as a toolmaker, then working with engineering development, to setting up a complete automation department. Randy also designs specific connectors to meet customer needs, while monitoring our tool shop to create innovative solutions. Randy takes care in meeting criteria for industry specs we must adhere to. By doing so it allows Sentinel to remain a leader in the industry.

 Randy is leading the design in next generation connectors, starting with prototypes through automated processes. Along with this, he is in charge of maintaining updated customer drawings, creating part numbers and B.O.M.S. for all products. Randy is conscientious and very customer-service oriented; specializing in troubleshooting, solving issues and development for customers worldwide. 

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