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Mike Fogg

Director of Research and Development

Michael Fogg is the Director of Research and Development at Sentinel Connector Systems. He has worked in the connector industry since 1984, and has been involved in the development of products ranging from coil cords to 100 gigabit Ethernet interconnection products. He currently has 47 patents covering shielded interconnects, backplane interconnects, high performance cabling, modular jacks and power-over-Ethernet (PoE). He has presented at numerous industry standards meetings, technical conferences and has written a wide variety of technical papers
He has been involved in product development, electrical simulation and test, EMI simulation and test, and industry standardization efforts for his entire career. He was a Senior Principal Engineer at TE Connectivity and a Senior Staff Development Engineer at Amphenol-ICC. He is currently working on development and optimization of products for Category 8, Single Pair Ethernet and PoE applications.