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3245 East Creek Blvd, Suite 590,
Bos Boomer, AU 20076
Tel. 009 123 4567

Call Us: 717.843.4240

Brett D. Robinson, PhD

Technical Expert

Education: E-cubed (E3), T.R.E.E., Transient Radiation, Lightning Mitigation
Position: Robinson’s Engineering Consultants, LLC / CTO Sentinel West, Mesa AZ.

40+ years as an experienced Chief Technology Engineer leading a team of varied experience engineering consultants, on Compliance and Electronic Design / Test projects; for the Military, Medical, Automotive, Oil and Gas, High-Speed Data Communication, Commercial, Aerospace & Security industries. Robinson’s Engineering Consultants, has a proven track record for helping businesses bring their products from design conception to completion, while maintaining privacy for all of our government and commercial project clients along with their associated compliance requirements.