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Power over Ethernet is a technology for implementing wired Ethernet local area networks (LANs) that enables the electrical current necessary for operating each device to be carried by Ethernet data cables – instead of standard electrical power cords and wiring. Used both in smart home applications and business premises, PoE uses cheaper Ethernet cabling, which can transport both power and data, instead of electrical wiring, which supplies power only and requires separate wiring for data. Because PoE transports both power and data over Ethernet cable, less wiring is necessary, and electrical wiring can remain intact. Sentinel Connector Systems, Inc. owns various domestic and international patents and active applications that have various design elements that effectively ‘ground’ (or shunts) the PD and PSE receptacle and the cable upon mating and unmating. This eliminates any spark by effectively grounding the cable and receptacles. This is a critical product line differentiator.