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Sentinel Connector Systems has matched the “correct plug” with Systimax Cables to ensure the optimum performance for every application. Often, the application may prove too demanding for traditional cable constructions necessitating more exotic materials, improved insulation thicknesses, or improved shield performance.

Systimax Cable Part Numbers

Sentinel Connectors Part Numbers

760110940 Black Reel
760163725 Black Reel 3K
760185900 Black WE TOTE® Box
760105338 Blue Reel
760105965 Blue Reel 3K
760107201 Blue We Tote Box
760105890 Green Reel
760107219 Green WE TOTE® Box
760166082 Light Blue Reel
760166090 Light Blue Reel 3K
760154039 Light Blue WE TOTE® Box
760105908 Orange Reel
760107227 Orange WE TOTE® Box
760118505 Pink Reel
760118513 Pink Reel 3K
760118497 Pink WE TOTE® Box
760118521 Purple Reel
760105924 Red Reel
760151969 Red Reel 3K
760107243 Red WE TOTE® Box
760105932 Slate Reel
760105981 Slate Reel 3K
760107250 Slate We Tote Box
760105940 White Reel
76015973 White Reel 3K
760107268 White We Tote Box
760105957 Yellow Reel
760116368 Yellow Reel 3K
760107276 Yellow We Tote Box


CommScope® SYSTIMAX 360™ GigaSPEED X10D® 2091B Category 6A U/UTP CMP

Plenum Cables

2091B Series





760105742 Black Reel
760107086 Black WE TOTE® Box
760105759 Blue Reel
760105833 Blue Reel 3K
760107094 Blue WE TOTE® Box
760105775 Green Reel
760107110 Green WE TOTE® Box
760105767 Light Blue Reel
760138602 Light Blue Reel 3K
760107102 Light Blue WE TOTE® Box
160105783 Orange Reel
760107128 Orange WE TOTE® Box
760188276 Pink WE TOTE® Box
760105791 Red Reel
760159426 Red Reel 3K
760107136 Red WE TOTE® Box
760105114 Slate Reel
760105858 Slate Reel 3K
760107078 Slate WE TOTE® Box
760105817 White Reel
760105841 White Reel 3K
760107144 White WE TOTE® Box
760105825 Yellow Reel
760163337 Yellow Reel 3K
760107151 Yellow We Tote Box

CommScope® SYSTIMAX 360™ GigaSPEED X10D® 1091B Category 6A U/UTP CMR

1091B Series

760171025 Black Reel
760122630 Blue Reel
760122663 Green Reel
760122671 Orange Reel
760171033 Purple Reel
760171017 Red Reel
760122655 Slate Reel
760122648 White Reel


CommScope® SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED X10D® 1291B ETL Verified Category 6A F/UTP CMP Plenum Cables

760081364 Blue Reel
760179564 Blue Reel 3K
760081372 Green Reel
760179556 Green Reel 3K
760131540 Light Blue Reel 3K
760081380 Orange Reel
760161646 Red Reel
760081398 Slate Reel
760104729 Slate Reel 3K
760081406 White Reel

CommScope® SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED X10D® 1291B ETL Verified Category 6A F/UTP CMR Non-Plenum Cables

1291B Series

700210222 Black Reel
760130773 Black Reel 3K
700210230 Black WE TOTE® Box
700210081 Blue Reel
700210099 Blue Reel 3K
700208093 Blue We Tote Box
760176123 Light Blue Reel
760191833 Light Blue WE TOTE® Box
700210206 Lilac Reel
760021212 Lilac Reel 3K
700210214 Lilac WE TOTE® Box
700210008 Orange Reel
760070367 Orange Reel 3K
700210024 Orange WE TOTE® Box
760055830 Purple Reel
760185041 Purple WE TOTE® Box
700210248 Red Reel
760043158 Red Reel 3K
700210263 Red WE TOTE® Box
700210156 Spring Green Reel
760021204 Spring Green Reel 3K
700210164 Spring Green WE TOTE® Box
700210198 Slate Reel
760005652 Slate Reel 3K
700214372 Slate WE TOTE® Box
700210032 White Reel
700210057 White Reel 3K
700208101 White WE TOTE® Box
700210131 Yellow Reel
760047555 Yellow Reel 3K
700210123 Yellow WE TOTE® Box

CommScope® SYSTIMAX 360™ GigaSPEED XL® 2071E Category 6 U/UTP CMP Cables

Plenum Cables

2071E Series

700212129 Black Reel
760004697 Blue Reel
760080671 Blue Reel 3K
760004689 Blue WE TOTE® Box
760081307 Green Reel 3K
760039610 Green WE TOTE® Box
700211956 Light Blue Reel
760040105 Light Blue Reel 3K
700211964 Light Blue WE TOTE® Box
700212087 Lilac Reel
760192831 Lilac Reel 3K
700212095 Lilac WE TOTE® Box
700212111 Orange Reel
760116293 Orange Reel 3K
700212103 Orange WE TOTE® Box
760093286 Purple Reel
760039644 Purple WE TOTE® Box
700212012 Red Reel
700212020 Red WE TOTE® Box
700212053 Spring Green Reel
760116722 Spring Green Reel 3K
700212061 Spring Green WE TOTE® Box
700211923 Slate Reel
760040097 Slate Reel 3K
700219744 Slate Reel 4.4K
700211931 Slate WE TOTE® Box
700214208 White Reel
760040089 White Reel 3K
700219736 White Reel 4.4K
700212046 White WE TOTE® Box
700211980 Yellow Reel
760080689 Yellow Reel 3K
700211998 Yellow WE TOTE® Box

CommScope® SYSTIMAX 360™ GigaSPEED XL® 1071E Category 6 U/UTP CMR Cables Non-Plenum Cables

1071E Series

760051615 Black Reel
760049643 Blue Reel 3K
760041913 Blue WE TOTE® Box
760049684 Orange Reel 3K
460041954 Orange WE TOTE® Box
760073114 Purple Reel 3K
760082990 Red Reel 3K
760051623 Red WE TOTE® Box
760049692 Spring Green Reel 3K
760049700 Spring Green WE TOTE® Box
760049668 Slate Reel 3K
760041939 Slate WE TOTE® Box
760049650 White Reel 3K
760041921 White WE TOTE® Box
760049676 Yellow Reel 3K
760041947 Yellow WE TOTE® Box

CommScope® SYSTIMAX® PowerSUM Category 5E U/UTP 2061F Series CMP Cables

Plenum Cables

2061F Series

107251696 Blue WE TOTE® Box
108173840 Orange WE TOTE® Box
7000022643 Red WE TOTE® Box
107091936 Slate WE TOTE® Box
107819575 White WE TOTE® Box

CommScope® SYSTIMAX® PowerSUM Category 5E U/UTP 1061B Series CMR Cables

107509051 Black WE TOTE® Box
760004671 Blue WE TOTE® Box
760136903 Light Blue Reel 3K
106871809 Light Blue WE TOTE® Box
107244022 Lilac WE TOTE® Box
700156177 Orange WE TOTE® Box
106926363 Red WE TOTE® Box
107244030 Spring Green WE TOTE® Box
106836950 Slate WE TOTE® Box
760116285 White Reel 3K
107147787 White WE TOTE® Box
107001687 Yellow WE TOTE® Box

CommScope® SYSTIMAX® PowerSUM Category 5E U/UTP 1061B Series CM Cables

760031088 Slate Reel
760151787 White Reel

CommScope® SYSTIMAX® Category 5e F/UTP 80 V CM

1261F Series

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