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Data Centers / Enterprise

Sentinel Connector Systems has been a long-standing, dependable partner to large OEMs, as well as their system solutions partners and installers. As an authority on Ethernet Category interconnect technology and solutions, our team also understands and meets the responsiveness required by volatile, high-growth environments associated with hyperscalers, as well as colocation and edge computing providers.


RJ45 Plugs for TIA-1005 Industrial Control/Factory Automation Cables

Sentinel Connector Systems offers the widest range of RJ45 plugs to support industrial premises cabling applications (e.g., voice, data, text, video, industrial and building controls, security, fire alarm, imaging). These cables are often exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions including, temperature, humidity, electrical noise, shock, vibration, corrosive gases, dust and liquids necessitating the use of exotic materials/compounds and larger conductor sizes for these applications.


Sentinel has been involved in matching connectors and cabling performance to applications for many years and is widely considered a leading authority, especially when it comes to security applications within data centers, commercial, retail, residential, public safety, education, healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, transportation, utilities, natural resources and government. We understand the importance of physical security and the critical role the interconnection system plays in supporting physical security subsystems.

Applications ranging from video surveillance to access control and an integrated physical security framework all rely on the proper cables and connectors. Our family of Sentinel products support from horizontal cabling and telecommunications rooms to backbone cabling and a growing list of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices.


The demands of healthcare networks require industry leading support and responsiveness. With its USA manufacturing operation, Sentinel Connector Systems met the critical demands of US and Global Healthcare networks during the COVID pandemic. Medical facilities that utilize technology advances such as electronic health records, digital image transfer, robotics and a multitude of other connected devices, including the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE), rely on advances in data connectors developed by Sentinel Connector Systems. Technology continues to drive improvements in healthcare networks and medical facilities and Sentinel continues to lead with the development of high speed data connectors and cable assemblies.

Sentinel Connector Systems offers the most extensive line of RJ45 plugs for Category 6 and Category 6A applications with the ability to terminate 22 AWG through 28 AWG U/UTP, F/UTP and U/FTP cables. Plug designs are based on the insulated conductor OD’s and jacket OD’s to match the correct plug to the cable being used to ensure Category 6A performance. Per ISO/IEC 11801.6, Cat 6A is specified for multi-gigabit applications and is the defacto standard for healthcare (TIA-1179-A).

Government / Defense

US Government

Sentinel Connector Systems understands the critical importance of network and hardware security, especially with data communications and interconnect systems. Government applications require the highest levels of security that cannot be compromised by using connectors made outside the USA. Sentinel not only manufactures all connectors in the US, but also understands the product technology and manufacturing required to make secure cable assemblies.

Secure High Speed Data Cable Assemblies (TEMPEST / EMP rated data cables)

Class 1:
  • Cat6A FTP (2) inner shield / braids crimped into the C-clamp shield, with one inner aluminum shield, plus a 70% inner braid.
    • Passes MIL-STD-461F/G, RTCA-DO-160F/G, IEC 601-2-33, Medical (MRI Safety)
    • Passes UL 444 Plenum Temperature Specification / MIL-STD 810G
    • High Speed Data EMI / EMC applications within Oil & Gas, Commercial, Government / Military, Aerospace/Space, Medical, and Automotive.
    • CAT6A FTP / 568B / Sentinel 111 series shielded plug connectors / 100% performance tested to CAT 6A channel.
    • All cables are 100% tested, cable label, packaged with bag label, point-to-point wire verification, 4 wire milliohm bonding tested on all shield, and hi-pot tested.
Class 2:
  • Differs from Class 1, with the addition of an over-braid shielding layer, that includes two inner shields.
Class 3:
  • Differs from Class 1 and Class 2, with the creation of a Quad-Shielded Data Cable. Contact Sentinel Connector Systems for design details and a quote.


Sentinel Connector Systems is listed in the United States Military Purchasing Directory through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and is registered in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Sentinel’s Vendor Number is 940025737…..the Cage Code is 3JNG4. Our registration makes Sentinel eligible to do business with the Department of Defense (DoD), including the US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and the US Navy’s Gig-E projects.

Sentinel provides products for MIL-DTL-24643/59 and MIL-DTL-24643/61 specifications and can be used with the following cable manufacturers: Champlain Cable (24643/59, (24643/61), Draka Shiplan, General Cable (ShipLan Cross Reference), Raychem (SeaLAN Ethernet Cables), and Rockbestos/Suprenant (MIL-DTL-24643 Slant Sheets) amongst others. In addition, Sentinel’s plugs can be used with custom backshells from a variety of connector companies.

Sentinel PNs: 106S08080058C34 or 111S08080056C34

RJ45 Plugs for MIL-DTL-24643 Applications. Cage Code 3JNG4

Use with MIL-24643/61-02UD – M24643 Spec Part Number – LSC5POS-4

NSN – 5935-01-528-2544, 5935-01-560-2961 and 5935-01-576-2614

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