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Category 8.1 PCB Jack

The need for a 2 gigahertz broadband I/O connector for Category 8.1 was met with a different approach to manufacturing. Traditionally, RJ45 jacks were manufactured using wire or stamped lead frames to connect the input to output pins of the jack. In our patented H.E.S.S. design, we used a multi layer PCB to connect input to output. The ground layers in the PCB are used for isolation of critical pairs for crosstalk reduction while allowing space to add compensation circuits to tune electrical parameters. Compensation can now be closer to the source of the signals, allowing a broader bandwidth which was not possible with traditional manufacturing technologies.


Category 8.2 PCB Jack

The Cat 8.2 PCB jack is based on the reliable RJ45 interface but has enhanced support to increase data speeds. The perfect, cost effective solution for data centers looking to improve data transmission speeds without switching over to a fiber optic solution. CAT8.2 is the analogous non-RJ45 shielded-twisted-pair cabling component standard, which is backward compatible to shielded CAT7A, also extended to 2000 MHz, and is significantly enhanced for 50 Gb/s by elimination of the “spit-pair” (NOTE: TIA CAT8 is equivalent to IEC CAT8.1; TIA does not recognize IEC CAT8.2.)

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