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Category 8.1

Sentinel Connector Systems is pleased to introduce Category 8.1 RJ45 Connectivity for IEEE 802.3bq 25G/40GBASE-T PHY Development and Category 8.1 applications. The green RJ45, Cat 8 shielded differential connector incorporates true stripline design principles; similar to those used by RF Driven Research and Track Antennas. These design features utilize the basic physics rule of the Path of Least Resistance; which provides an energy efficient copper based ecosystem, easily capable of support the new / emerging 25G, 50G, & 100G data transmission applications. Since its inception, Sentinel has shipped over 50,000 ports by producing a variety of PCB iterations at the request of our prospective users. This jack has also been qualified for 20,000 insertions/de-insertions when using Sentinel plugs and the durability and performance speaks for itself.

  • H.E.S.S. consist of the PCB Jack, Jack Inserts, Tunable PCB’s and Plug/Cable Assemblies
  • Backward compatible with RJ45 connector interfaces for Categories 6A, 6 and 5e as specified in TIA-568.2-D, ISO 11801 and EN 50173
  • Over 5 years in Research and Development – Multiple Patents
  • Multiple PCB iterations were made to compare then customize S parameter characteristics to the customer requirements
  • PCB traces can be made 50 Ohm single ended or 100 Ohm differential pair

CAT8.1 is an IEC RJ45 twisted-pair cabling component standard, which is shielded and backward compatible to CAT6A and extended to 2000 MHz for 25 Gb/s.
CAT8.2 is the analogous non-RJ45 shielded-twisted-pair cabling component standard, which is backward compatible to shielded CAT7A, also extended to 2000 MHz, and is significantly enhanced for 50 Gb/s by elimination of the “spit-pair” (NOTE: TIA CAT8 is equivalent to IEC CAT8.1; TIA does not recognize IEC CAT8.2.)

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