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Infrastructure demands/requirements are becoming more challenging every day, with fast growing applications such as IoT, IIoT, 10GBASET, Power over Ethernet (PoE, up to +++), and Wi-Fi 6/6E/7.

As such, Category 6 cabling is no longer sufficient and Category 6A is becoming the standard choice for enterprise network managers.

Category 6A has 10X the bandwidth of Category 6, and therefore offers the headroom for a longer lifecycle. With 10X the bandwidth, Cat 6A offers a much lower cost per gigabit.  Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards enable the use of all cable pairs and therefore best-support IoT and IIoT applications and devices.  Cat 6A’s extended reach and heat dissipation

Sentinel Connector Systems offers the most extensive line of RJ45 plugs for Category 6A applications with the ability to terminate 22 AWG through 28 AWG U/UTP, F/UTP and U/FTP cables. Plug designs are based on the insulated conductor OD’s and jacket OD’s to match the “right” plug to the cable being used to ensure Category 6A performance. Per ISO/IEC 11801.6, Cat 6A is specified for multigigabit applications and is the defacto standard for healthcare (TIA-1179) and Education (TIA-4966).

For critical applications within energy, security, government and defense infrastructure, Sentinel Connector Systems offers TEMPEST, Cat6A cable assemblies.

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