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3245 East Creek Blvd, Suite 590,
Bos Boomer, AU 20076
Tel. 009 123 4567

Call Us: 717.843.4240

At our core

We have the present and the future. We strive to be a leading manufacturer by providing innovative technologies through designing and manufacturing in the USA. Developing solutions through our core values, we exceed expectations by doing things right. Motivated by our customers, the intuition of our employees, and the needs of the world. For 25 years Sentinel has provided the solution, and plans to continue to do so.

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At Sentinel, our teams are working together to generate new solutions and solve complex problems. Across the company, we support professional growth and inclusion as it builds our company culture.


Built from the ground up and American engineered and manufactured, we take pride in building a relationship with our customers and exceeding their expectations.

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Our history stems from the book of RJ, created by our President and CEO Robert J. Brennan. The book of RJ represents over 40 years of the manufacturing do’s and don’ts of Sentinel Connector Systems Inc. The book of RJ lays out all of the qualifications to meet industry standards the first time. Sentinel Connector Systems, Inc. manufactures all RJ-45 plugs and jacks in the United States. Robert Brennan, Founder and CEO of Sentinel Connectors has been involved in the process since the first RJ-45. Robert and the Sentinel team have over 135 foreign and domestic patents related to the RJ-45 interconnect and related items.

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